Muddled thoughts on good intentions

There’s this old joke about a man who prays daily asking to win the lottery to no avail. Finally, one day, in the midst of his prayers he suddenly hears the voice of God saying, “Buy a ticket!”

Whether it’s a prayer, a wish or a clear intention, we need to act in accordance if we want to give ourselves and the universe a chance to manifest that what we desire.


My ‘new year’s resolution for 2014’ was set for a complete ccc-detox; clearing, cleaning and cleansing my inner and outer world or in short “a complete life spring cleaning” in order to make way for better things to come.
However, as determined and confident my higher mindset truly believed to see the benefits in such a commitment, my other little (monkey) self, never fails in using its clever tricks of luring me into endless procrastination and trivial pursuits of instant gratification.
Often, spiritually-guided, inspired ‘calling for action’ insights in our lives end up being just…well, moments. In other words, despite our excellent intentions, we cleanse and then go right back to eating burgers and cupcakes (not that I’m a fan but just for the example). Or we work out for a month and then stop moving at all.

instant grat0

instant grat1

instant grat2Why?instant grat3




The truth is that living a healthy, thriving and fulfilling life requires real commitment and practice. Without it, even our most soul-directed intentions may fail.

It was time to take action and more importantly to seek help and guidance if ever I were to come to
– Having a fit and healthy body, .. preferably weighing 10 pounds less
– Living in a clear and well-organized home office that’s supportive and inviting
– Building a successful business
– Creating meaningful community service projects
– Starting a women’s vocal ensemble
– ..
– .. I have quite a few intentions

What’s most important in this matter is to realize that we always have choices. Once we realize we’ve got choices, the next step is to have a bit of alone’ time to figure out what we want those choices to look like and creating a sort of blueprint of how we want to move on with our lives. This should seem like the easy part, and for some of us it is quite simple to get in touch with what we really want. For others it’s not that clear.

Instant GratificationHonest self-examination in bringing the unconscious ambivalence into consciousness can go a long way in helping us see where we get in our own way. It’s best if we can approach this inner exploration lightly, with a healthy curiosity and as little judgement as possible.

To give you a seemingly simple irrelevant example; if I want to be well-rested the next morning (and I need to get up at 5:30a.m.) but stay up late surfing the internet, keep clicking on tags, reading, watching all that’s so darn interesting – because it is!! – I have to ask myself “what is going on here?” Is there an immediate anxiety, discomfort or sorrow that I am trying to avoid, or perhaps some irresoluteness about bringing the fullness of my energy to tomorrow’s commitments?

Or, if I really do want to start my own business/and or non-profit service center and share the things I love to do for the benefit of all – health coaching, singing, storytelling, sound healing, photography, .. – For which by the way I already receive countless opportunities as well as positive feed-backs and encouragement – then why have I not yet taken the driver’s seat?

Exploration into the inner sanctuary has led me to a video of Brendan Burchard, author, public speaker and online trainer on the topics of motivation, high performance and online marketing. In this video he speaks about three kinds of fear; fear of loss, fear of the process, and fear of the outcome. It was interesting to discover that some of these beliefs I thought I had overcome still roamed into my unconscious mind. Another one that really nailed it for me, is the video on procrastination and perfection.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up for all our shortcomings, but as we bring in more awareness and a little tenderness to what seems (and it may well be) mindless self-sabotage, we may start to notice when and under what conditions we find it hard to act in accordance with what we are sure are our clear intentions. We begin to see the real choice points in acting on what we intend.greensmoothie

It’s been two months now since I started a personalized fit & wellness program, well balanced to my unique specific nutritional and physical needs, and it’s looking good. Embodying this renewed vitality, I feel much better and healthier than ever before. Improving my sleep hygiene is still top priority but I’m getting better at this with 15 minutes at a time.

IMG_4107In addition, two weeks ago I signed up for a 21-day Intention Program, an online coaching platform that helps and guides you in defining, nourishing and manifesting your intentions into the physical world. What I came to understand here is that the gift of knowing and applying the right tools make these moments or intentions more of a ‘wholesome’ or holistic mindset which allows us to live the intentional life we’ve always dreamed of. I would love to dig deeper into how this is done, but until I’ve more or less ‘mastered’ it myself in walking my talk, I will refrain from elaborating about it in this post and keep it for a future topic with some real life experience to share.

The great thing is, we always get another chance to push the ‘reset’ button again tomorrow (as long as life and love endures), to clarify our intentions, to ask for help and take action that is in alignment and accordance with that which serves life in us and the world.
I’m grateful for the opportunities that life generously gives me to learn about, and deepen my practice of living my life consciously and purposefully, to lovingly forgive myself for distracting from oneness (work in progress) and to simply do the best I can.

With love,



The instant gratification monkey;


10 thoughts on “Muddled thoughts on good intentions

  1. Lovely piece! It’s so easy to self-sabotage our dreams as the world we live in revolves more around a steady paycheck. As long as we continue checking in with ourselves and keep our spirits alive, we can set intentions and devote ourselves to our passions.


    • That’s right Britt. We all get sidetracked some time in our lives – it’s nearly unavoidable but like you said if we ‘keep checking in’ with our deepest desires we give ourselves a chance to make better choices that supports our intentions


  2. Oh yes, I recognize all of this…the procrastination, the perfectionism and the good intentions that don’t quite come together. (You have some very interesting intentions by the way – I hope you do manifest them so we get to share them with you!) I’m a great starter – I love making plans, getting excited by new projects, but I’m not so great at the follow-through. There are lots of things that have been on my intention list for years that I still haven’t got around to. But I do feel as though I’m starting to make some progress, but focussing on just some things, rather than thinking of all those things I want to do.


    • I relate with you Andrea – so many brilliant, creative idea’s but equally so many
      However, I feel I have come to the point now, when all this pondering on whether to do or not becomes like a lethargic melancholic stickiness and I just have enough of ‘myself’ getting in the way. You know what I mean? Last week I just had one of those moments again of realizing the transient nature in all things. It’s such moments that offer me the motivation needed to get into decide what to do next and get into action.


      • Yes, you do eventually get sick of the same old ‘scripts’ and I think I’ve managed to now get over those in my creative life (most of the time) – it’s just the rest of my life now!


  3. This all hits home with me. I posted around January my realization that in order to meet my goals, I actually have to set and define goals (i.e., my goal to be published). Rather, I had told myself I would just ‘try harder’ to get published. There was a lot of avoidance there, obviously. This year, I have outlined strict deadlines for various goals and things are moving in a forward direction. There are still some areas I’m lacking clear objectives (specifically for my freelance business), but at least I’m finally aware of why I’m not doing as well as I should. It’s all on me. Such awareness can be both good and not so good!


  4. A thoughtful, well-written post Karin. I love the images! I completely related to this post – I am always swinging back and forth between giving up those naughty things I enjoy to detoxify and reenergise body and soul, yet I never quite seem to finish whatever program/goal I have set myself. I’m always at least a week early to the fridge to pour that glass of wine I promised I wouldn’t have for another month. The one thing I can say I have successfully finished that I am extremely proud of is my book! As you say, it’s all about learning and we lead busy, cluttered lives which is probably why we’re always trying to reorganise them and set new goals…


    • Same here. That’s why I started the detox when my husband left on a 2-week business trip so it would give me a head start, knowing I wouldn’t be led into temptation 😉 However, cleansing diets usually last for 3 weeks… 😀
      Is that the children’s fantasy book you’re talking about, Gemma? Has it been published yet? Congrats! :p


      • Hi Karin,

        I thought this was extremely well-put and I could really relate. I will sometimes spin something around in my head until I am dizzy, because I cannot seem to manifest it physically. It does sometimes drive me crazy! But I truly believe that when the timing is right, it will work out and maybe all that spinning is my way of working out the bugs until physical manifestation is a hand. However, I am conscious that there must be better ways than that, so I applaud you for reaching out to experts who have ‘been there’ for their process and advice. I could probably use some of that 🙂 I wish you very well during this time of new beginnings!


      • Thank you Laurie. It’s something so many people are struggling with and I’ve found it quite interesting to dig deeper into this material about setting intentions and the reasons why we fail to accomplish them. If we take the time to unravel what our real motives and feelings are, we’ve already taken an important step to finding out what we need to do next that is going to support us in reaching our goals. I’m glad I overcame my stubbornness in trying to figure it out all by myself. I’ll keep you posted on the progress ànd process. Wishing you lots of committed spring bursts of enthusiasm Laurie!


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